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Can cement blocks be used as an anchoring system?

No, absolutely not. Blocks are prohibited under the 2015 Quebec shelter standard. Too many accidents have resulted from the use of these blocks. An anchor that mechanically attaches the bottom of the shelter to the ground is essential. The floor is part of the structural shell and completes your shelter. The floor is like a beam to connect the two sides of your shelter so that it can withstand the wind and the weight of the snow.The amount of blockas will always be insufficient to secure your shelter. You will put yourself and your unit at risk.

Do we need to remove the snow from the shelter?

Yes, certainly. It is recommended that you remove the snow from the shelter after each storm.

Should I store my shelter inside?

Yes, certainly, storing the canvas indoors in a dry area will help tremendously with the longevity of your canvas.

Leaving a canvas in the sun is very bad, it will dry quickly and change color.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we offer delivery in the greater Montreal area and surroundings. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer replacement tarps?

Yes, we offer several models of replacement tarps. Call us for information or email us at info@abrisdunord.com

Do you offer installation?

Whether it is for a carport, a garden shed or a solarium, our team will be happy to take care of the installation. Contact us for more information.

How do I know what size carport I need?

Contact us or fill out a quote request and one of our experienced team members will guide you on how to calculate the appropriate size. The length and width of the parking lot will help us give you the exact measurement.

What is the best way to keep my shelter from blowing away?

Different pavements require different solutions. For example, gravel and grass. However, the ideal way to properly secure your carport is to use permanent anchors when your parking lot is made of asphalt, paving stone or concrete.

Should I close the doors?

It is strongly recommended that both doors of carports be closed, as this prevents a gust of wind from lifting the carport. Ideally, both ends of the shelter should remain closed at all times.

What is the new 2015 temporary carport standard?

The government, insurance companies, public and emergency services, and some shelter manufacturers wanted to put in place a new standard to prevent a race to the bottom and to make them more resistant and safe given the Quebec climate. Some retailers have significantly reduced the security of the shelters in an effort to lower prices. For example, some shelters are now available with a 5-foot spacing between arches and low-strength canvas.

Why are shelters that meet the standards more expensive?

The new 2015 standard is quite strict. This one covers all of Quebec and the weather conditions are different on each side of Quebec, either in wind or in snowfall. It takes on average 30% to 40% more steel to meet the new standard for quality brands like ABRISMONDIAL. Cheap shelters, such as those with 5-foot arches, will never meet the standard. It is the same for the canvas which must pass several tests in laboratory on the solidity and the longevity of this one. In short, a stronger structure that meets the standard costs more. How much is peace of mind worth? Abris du Nord tries by all means to keep prices affordable while offering maximum quality!

We park a car in the garage but the snow penetrates by the side of the shelter. How can we prevent this from happening?

This is a typical case when a shelter is installed against a garage/house. A flap system is designed to prevent this from being a nuisance. Call us for more information.